Monday, February 22, 2010

My mother is a survivor!


What a blessing that your mom is doing so well. To have a baby after all of her health issues is a true miracle. What a gift to have a close relationship with your mom. May she have many more years as a survivor.


My name is Andrea I'm 18 years old ! In 2005 i was in school and couldn't wait to get out because i thought my life was perfect and nothing could go wrong.Well i come out of school and i get into my mother's car and my mother and older sister had on sunglasses and i laughed at them and said they were weird,Come to find out they had sunglasses on ,on a rainy day because that had been crying but i still had no idea why my mom didn't tell me.We got home and everyone was acting weird and sad and i just wanted to know what was going on my mom didn't even cook dinner that night.She wanted to head over to my aunts house to visit so my brother,sister,and I loaded up in the car and went to my mother's sister's house!I went upstairs after we got there to visit with my older cousin we were upstairs chatting i came down stairs to find my aunt sister,and mother alson my aunts few children were crying.So i asked my mom once again what is the matter and she said "I HAVE CANCER".The first thing that came to my head was My mom is gonna die I cried my eyes out that night i asked my mom a million questions she said I'm not going to die i just have to get surgery ,My mom had everyone in our town that we were well acquainted ith preying for her and our family .That was one of the worse days of my life.She only had cancer in on of her breast and the doctor she went to where we live in zanesville ohio said they had got the cancer out after .My mom thought she should go and get a second opinion so she went to ohio state medical center where she came to find out that the cancer had sperd to her second breast she was devastated along with my family.About a week later she went to get her double masectomy my self along with my sister and little brother were very scared especially my little brother because he was so much younger than any of us.We went to columbus with my mom the day of her surgery with our grandparents we (the kids) were dropped off at an aunts house who lived in columbus so that we could stay there while mom ! was in t he hospital getting surgery .The day of surgery after she was in recovery for four hours we waiting around to see her then came to find out we couldn't go in because we were too young we all were very sad and just wanted to see our mother it was such a hard time for all of us.My mo had these tubs connected to her that leaked out blood and i always emtyed them and wrote down how much blood was in them because it was required. My mom had few check ups after the double masectomy and she had to go through chemo for some weeks she was always sick and she started to lose all the hair on her she would just lay in bed at night and comb her hair and it would all just come out.To this day my mom had her hair in a plastic zip lock bag for memories.She would get these dark circles under her eyes and you could tell she was sick .I really realized how much my mother meant to me after the cancer and all the chemo treatments so i knew i had to do what ever it took too keep my mother happy and off of her feet i did anything she asked for because i was appreciative that i still had someone to call mom or mommie:)My mother is a 5 year breast cancer survivor she is a strong woman she even recently had a beautiful baby girl even though she is 40 years old but we didn't even think it was possible but we are glad she is here.I'm just so happy that my mom fought the battle .For anyone who is going through this my words to you is that you should be strong and always think positive.My mother and i went and got breat cancer ribbon tattoos her's is on her wrist and says survivor and mine says hope!I will support breast cancer until the day i die (I LOVE YOU MOM)♥

Have faith...


Your mom sounds like an amazing woman. She's a great example of perserverance and faith. God is using her for good.


When I found out that my mother had breast cancer I broke down completely. I didn't know what to think or what to do. I never thought that my mother would ever have breast cancer. My mother is my best friend and I love her with all my heart. I have realized throughout all of this that my mother is a SURVIVOR she is so STRONG and has been the strongest person through out of all this. My mother, it’s so difficult to describe this beautiful person I cannot find the words, but she is truly a gift. I don’t want to question god on why she had to have breast cancer because I know why, he is using her as an instrument. I feel that god did this for a reason, first reason being, for my family to grow stronger together, he wants to show us that at even the most difficult times in our lives we can overcome it together, and because he knows my mother is a fighter, and can show others that they to can be fighters. My mom has always had a GREAT sense of humor and she still has a great sense of humor!!! That keeps me strong and that lets me know that everything is going to be ok. I just want to say one more thing, tonight I talked to my mom and I started crying on the phone and I told her I was scared, and she said, “ Leslie don’t be scared because your doubting the lord, just have FAITH and everything will be ok”. All of sudden a sense of relief rushed over me and I realized if my mom can be strong about this then so can I. So remember, FIGHT, SURVIVE, and most importantly have FAITH!


Finding purpose...

Eleanor finds purpose in being diagnosed with breast cancer. You can be treated and come out on the other side a survivor. You are an inspiration to so many. Thank you for sharing your story.


I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in Sept. 2002. The night after my annual mammogram was when I felt the lump. I found the lump on a Monday night and that Friday I had a needle biopsy. The needle biopsy results were negative, but my surgeon suggest that he remove the lump. When he removed the lump the results came back positive for breast cancer. I had 6 cycles of chemo and 6 weeks of radiation therapy. I lost all my hair from the chemo which was very heart breaking. But by the grace of God all my hair is back and I have a clean bill of health. I know that God has a purpose for me here on earth. My purpose it to let other women that have had breast cancer or have breast cancer that you can survive. Breast Cancer does not have to be the end of your life. The Doctor may heal cancer but only God can cure cancer. If you have faith to Believe that God can heal you, you will be healed. I know that I was healed only through the Grace and Mercy of God.

Suitland, Maryland

Friday, February 19, 2010

Breast Cancer & Aspirin ... and reading my radiology reports

A recent study showed that breast cancer survivors who took an aspirin a day had a lower chance of recurrence, and a lower risk of dying from breast cancer. Here's a link to the study: The results were so significant that I've bought some baby aspirin and have taken the first of my daily doses. It may sound silly to some, but if there's something as harmless as aspirin that may be helpful in my situation, there's no reason why I shouldn't take it. I've seen some comments on Facebook from people who say that it may just provide a false sense of prevention. But no one's saying that about all the other treatments out there. I've had a mastectomy, chemotherapy, radiation, and Tamoxifen and my cancer still came back. Does that mean that since none of those things cured my cancer forever that I should discount them? No! Reminder: There is no cure for cancer, people! If 100's of women received some sort of cancer preventative effects from taking an aspirin a day, count me in!

In a previous post, I recounted the latest issues with my Stage IV recurrence ("Update on Kim," January 17, 2010.") Usually I request copies of my results (labs, radiology reports, etc.,) but this time, I didn't for some reason. A week or so later, I logged in to mymdanderson, a system where patients can view their health records, get information on their diagnosis, review billing issues, etc. I noticed that my recent CT scans, bone scan, and labs were available for viewing. I viewed. Let's just say I was even more shocked reading them than hearing Dr. Green explain them. The reports sounded MUCH WORSE than what Dr. Green told us. Dr. Green had said that "one" lymph node in my chest had grown; the report used words like "multiple," "progressive metastasis," and "significantly increased." When I told Danny of this, he said "No, she didn't say that it was just one." Perhaps she had described several, but clearly, my mind had stopped processing after the first. It's so good to have someone else there with you when you go to the doctor's office! It's necessary.

Also, Dr. Green said that my tumor marker (CA 27-29) was within the normal range (0-38,) so that was good. She was right that it was in the normal range -- it was 18. BUT, in looking back at (well, studying) all of my previous CA 27-29's, it actually is a little elevated. At my first visit to MD Anderson in 2006, it was 70-something. A month later, 50-something. Three months later, 37. All since then have been below 12! So since early 2007, my level has been holding steady at less than 12. Now it's 18. Very disconcerting, but I keep telling myself that I'm being treated at the best place in the world. Surely my doctor, the head of the breast medical oncology department knows what she's doing! And I am not being sarcastic. Settle down, self! It's just hard, when faced with all of these facts.

April, when my next scans and labs are scheduled, cannot come soon enough! Oh, the worry. Deep breaths, prayer, deep breaths, prayer.