Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Busy-ness, Facebook, and Other Stuff

Hello all! I am really feeling the pinch of breast cancer awareness month being just around the corner. Seems that everyone is getting ready by shopping! Activity at The Pink Ribbon Shop is really ramping up, and any free time (ha-ha) I may have had before is officially gone now. Our online shop is a small, family-run business for me and my husband, but it's a full time job for both of us. October to us is like Christmas to other retailers. It's a crazy time! For me, it's a balancing act to keep our best-selling items in stock while staying on top of the new product game. And everything is magnified: phone calls & customer service inquiries, donation requests, vendor issues, bill paying, employee issues, etc.

Last week, we launched The Pink Ribbon Shop's very own Facebook page! It's been so exciting, but also a lot of work. With the blog, survivor stories, and the Facebook page, on top of our regular website operations, well let's just say we are spread pretty thin! Oh and let's not forget our kids and all of their activities ... but I digress.

Our Facebook page seems to have taken on a life of its own! It started with just a few posts from our customers. It was great receiving such positive feedback about our site and products. Then fans started posting what I call "shout outs" about their survivorship -- how many years, how they're doing now, etc. It's simply amazing! This breast cancer survivor network is really passionate! I just LOVE it. So keep it coming, we love to hear from you.

On a different note, with all that being said, I am STILL working very hard to get caught up on posting survivor stories to this blog. If you've sent in your story and it hasn't yet been posted, please be patient!