Thursday, June 24, 2010

Kim's update

Time is just flying by! Can't believe it's been over 2 months since my last update. In my last post (April 7th) I was awaiting test/scan results to evaluate the effectiveness of my new med (Aromasin) and also to check my femur's stress fracture.

So, here are April's results: First, the femur showed MUCH improvement, and did not "light up" on the bone scan at all. MRI of the femur also showed much improvement, which Dr. Lin (orthopedist) said confirmed that it had indeed been "just" a stress fracture (as opposed to a new metastatic bone lesion.) Yay! What relief! Not wanting to risk another fracture, or any kind of bone damage, I was prepared to stop running, and I admitted this to the doctor. Although previously Dr. Lin had said that I could possibly begin running again (very slowly and on a soft surface -- not the streets where I am used to running) if I showed healing and was feeling no pain, he now seemed to agree that not running would be best. I say "seemed" because he really didn't comment when I said I would not run any more. But he didn't dispute it or tell me it was okay, either. At the time, I was okay with the new plan. I fully intended to pursue other avenues of getting fit, such as swimming, power walking, dancing, and exercise classes. Back to that on a later date.

Although my femur was sitting pretty, sadly, the same could not be said for the rest of me. Dr. Green informed me that some of the lymph nodes in my chest had grown slightly, as had some of my lung nodules. Not a good start for my new med, Aromasin. Additionally, my tumor marker had risen yet again, to 31 (normal range is 0-38.) Here's my previous discussion about it from earlier this year:
Also, Dr. Green said that my tumor marker (CA 27-29) was within the normal range (0-38,) so that was good. She was right that it was in the normal range -- it was 18. BUT, in looking back at (well, studying) all of my previous CA 27-29's, it actually is a little elevated. At my first visit to MD Anderson in 2006, it was 70-something. A month later, 50-something. Three months later, 37. All since then have been below 12! So since early 2007, my level has been holding steady at less than 12. Now it's 18. Very disconcerting...

Dr. Green was not concerned, as 31 was still in the range of normal. I was VERY concerned! She thought that the ever so slight growth seen in my chest could have been simply due to the location of the CT's "slices," so she wanted me to stay on the Aromasin to give it more time, and she recommended that I be re-scanned in 2 months...

Which is where we are today. On Friday (2 days ago) I had my repeat chest x-ray, CT scan of the chest, and blood work, including tumor marker level CA27-29. Tomorrow I am scheduled to see Dr. Green to get the results. I try not to think about it. It's been a long 2 1/2 months of waiting. In the meantime I have discovered a small marble-sized lump on a left back rib. Hoping that is nothing, but I did mention it during my CT and x-ray to make sure it got its picture taken.

On a lighter note, Danny and I went kayaking for the first time last weekend! We also spent two nights tent-camping in a Texas state park. It was so relaxing .. the kids were away at camp, so it was just the two of us. A much needed break from it all. We found that we actually do still like each other!(ha) which is sometimes questionable when our life with 3 active kids is so hectic, stressful, and hurried.

Thanks for reading ... could use some prayers for good test results and a peaceful heart and mind.