Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pink Ribbons in the News

Many of you may have heard that Komen has made the news with some not-so-great happenings. I'm certainly no expert on the latest events, and I don't, in the least bit, claim to have all of the information, but here goes ... I'm going to give my opinion on it anyway!

It is my understanding that the Komen foundation stopped providing funding to Planned Parenthood, pending the outcome of a congressional investigation into Planned Parenthood's alleged misuse of federal & state funding, among other issues such as statutory rape cover ups, sex trafficking, and more. I don't know the details of said investigation, other than what I read here:, but if Congress has determined that there has been wrongdoing worthy of launching an investigation, clearly they have some evidence of such.

It is my opinion that Komen has the RESPONSIBILITY to its DONORS to make sure that the money they are giving to Planned Parenthood is absolutely going to breast cancer-related services, and NOT ANYTHING ELSE. People don't donate to Komen hoping to help out Planned Parenthood's agenda -- they donate to Komen because they want to support breast cancer research and breast cancer patient services. As Komen is in the business of soliciting and receiving donations, then donating to worthy organizations via their grant process, they need to be held accountable that the organizations to which they grant monies are indeed using the funds for breast cancer services and/or research. I believe they did the prudent thing by halting funding to Planned Parenthood pending the investigation's outcome. And then they reversed their decision...

According to Komen's statement on 2/3/12 (// politics "has no place" in their grant process. The fact that they reversed their decision to halt funding to Planned Parenthood tells me that clearly, politics has taken a huge role in their decision-making process. It was Komen who, after receiving negative press about the Planned Parenthood de-funding decision, decided that, congressional investigation or not, they would continue to fund PP: In my opinion, a politically-driven shirking of their responsibility to their donors -- in the name of politics.

That is all I have today! Back soon with a cancer update.