Friday, August 27, 2010


Hello all!

My appointment with Dr. Green went well. Armed with my handwritten list of topics to discuss and questions needing answers, she patiently listened and answered and addressed all of my concerns. I must say that I feel much more at peace than I did before. I guess you could say that my pity party is officially over! For now, anyway! You know, sometimes having cancer just gets you down. The living with uncertainty, the fear of what's to come with your next scans ... its gets to be too much sometimes, no matter how much you busy yourself with life.

I informed Dr. Green about the side effects I'm experiencing from Faslodex: "faslo-breath" and chemical-smelling uring and sweat. I mentioned that in my research, I had not come across any mention of these side effects, to which she replied that I was "special." Figures! Anyway she said that she had not heard of anyone else having those side effects, and she thought it may have to something to do with the solution that the Faslodex is prepared in, and not the Faslodex itself. I must admit I have my doubts about the accuracy of this explanation. I said to myself, "I guess we'll see if I am having absorption issues with the Faslodex if it ends up not working." I really need to learn to trust my doctor, trust that I was led to MD Anderson and trust that I am in the best place receiving the best care in the world. Based upon my experiences with my health care issues, however, I am always on alert, questioning everything, and receiving all information with cynicism.

I asked about the Faslodex dosage issue: 250mg/month vs. 500mg/month. She explained that there was only one study indicating that 500mg/month was more beneficial than 250mg, and that more studies needed to be done before the dosing recommendations would change. Additionally, she said that many insurance companies are not covering the higher dose, and the cost is significant. So for now I remain on 250mg injection per month.

I also mentioned my anxiety about being able to feel my "metastatic deposits" that are in the subcutaneous tissue on my left flank, and feeling like they were growing. She said that they may indeed be growing since I am off of my previous medication, Aromasin, and while we wait for Faslodex to begin working. Since the Faslodex takes at least 5-6 weeks to be at full therapeutic levels in my system, it is really just now getting in and having the opportunity to take effect. Oh the patience required of us cancer patients!

Dr. Green's feeling were that we have not given Faslodex enough time to work. She asked that I sit tight and give it a little more time. I am scheduled to have more scans and a repeat ultrasound of the latest lesions at the end of September. I can do this!